I've been so angry recently. Angry that so many stupid little incidents can cause so much chaos and stress... when you're financially insecure and alone as a single mother. My tax return got delayed because the IRS applied a payment I made two years ago to the wrong fucking ...more

Nama-Fuck-You-Ste Cunt

This is a very quick and ranty post. I’m still in London, housesitting in Islington, gloriously inured to the idiocy of LA. I went out with my friend T, a HIV doctor I’ve known for twenty years. We had a Russian meal in SoHo and then watched Lady J sing gospel, and then I lost... More

Upper Street

It costs me sixty dollars just to leave the airport, and that’s taking the train and the tube, dragging a tired toddler, a stroller, two Thule cases, a camera and a laptop bag. We collect the keys from the posh furniture store as directed in the email, and then quietly let ourselves into the tall,... More


Someone was shot in Venice this afternoon, a block from my old apartment, just a few feet from where I took this picture, right where the cops threw me in cuffs because Mr Chips jumped off my bike without a leash back in December. Processing and thinking about this right now, working on a piece,... More

About Ruth

Storyteller Ruth Fowler grew up in the mountains of North Wales and attended Mold Alun comprehensive school. She received a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature from New Hall, Cambridge University. She is sure they let her in as the token comprehensive school educated, poverty-stricken northerner. After a year teaching English Literature in a High... More