Ruth Fowler in the hospital

40 plus 5

I had a baby. For some strange reason, the birth of my son, Nye, went viral after this article about my tweeting through labor appeared in The Huffington Post, and we ended up in the news in about twenty different countries, from Brazil to Japan to ...more

The Rescue Fallacy: Race, Privilege and Adoption

This article first appeared in the print edition of ‘CounterPunch’. In the last few months I’ve been struck by three separate news stories, all concerning adoption. In the first, a black, orphaned teen – Davion Navar Henry Only – who had been in the Florida foster system since birth, hit the headlines after making an... More

After Les

This essay first appeared on The Los Angeles Review of Books But in the end I understood this language. I understood it, I understand it, all wrong perhaps. That is not what matters. Does this mean that I am freer now than I was? I do not know. I shall learn. Then I went back... More

An Elegy for Love

This essay first appeared on Salon. Three things happened the year we lost our love. We got married, we went bankrupt and we moved into a house with a polyamorous family. I’d like to trace it back to one event, say definitively “it was moving into the poly house!” when the dropped stitches started to... More

About Ruth

Sociopathic Narcissist Ruth Fowler grew up in the mountains of North Wales and attended Mold Alun comprehensive school. She received a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature from New Hall, Cambridge University. She is sure they let her in as the token comprehensive school educated, poverty-stricken northerner. After a year teaching English Literature in... More