loose teeth

On Fridays I have the day off from school, and a day off from looking after Nye. I don't write or take pictures or try and straighten the debris of my disaster-destroyed life. Instead I drive to Inglewood and spend a day looking after elderly black folks with alzheimers ...more

The Day after Terence Crutcher Died.

I think this email that I sent to the twenty students in my Filmmaking class at Santa Monica College says it all.   Hi everyone, I just wanted to email to clarify a few things which I think a lot of us were upset by the other day. As a white non-American, I am extremely... More


I’ve been so angry recently. Angry that so many stupid little incidents can cause so much chaos and stress… when you’re financially insecure and alone as a single mother. My tax return got delayed because the IRS applied a payment I made two years ago to the wrong fucking year. I had to move house... More

Nama-Fuck-You-Ste Cunt

This is a very quick and ranty post. I’m still in London, housesitting in Islington, gloriously inured to the idiocy of LA. I went out with my friend T, a HIV doctor I’ve known for twenty years. We had a Russian meal in SoHo and then watched Lady J sing gospel, and then I lost... More

About Ruth

Storyteller Ruth Fowler grew up in the mountains of North Wales and attended Mold Alun comprehensive school. She received a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature from New Hall, Cambridge University. She is sure they let her in as the token comprehensive school educated, poverty-stricken northerner. After a year teaching English Literature in a High... More